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Fan Mail

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  1. Hello my name is Grace and I am a student from Westminster Junior High School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My grade at school is currently taking part in a project called Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI). I am a competitive swimmer, and my other group members play hockey and soccer, and we all understand how important it is that kids have the chance to play sports. Each team in our school has chosen one charity to research and support. My team and I have chosen KidSport, a charity that helps underprivileged kids participate in organized sport programs. We were wondering whether it might be possible for you to answer some questions we have so we can use your information in a video we present.
    The team that gives the best presentation in the school will win a $5000 grant which is awarded to the charity they researched. It would be such a big help if you could answer our questions!! Please email me back if you are able to help us

    Sincerely, Grace

  2. Hey, might be a bit odd haha but if you are ever in England I would love to take you for dinner haha. I live in Oxford and would love the chance to :) hopefully hear from you soon

  3. Hi
    When do we see you back at the ranch and competing for usa

  4. Hi McKayla maroney just wondering if I can have an autograph will cool I don’t know if you been to San Antonio but if you ever do come you should come during around Christmas time to the River Walk the all lights all over spectacular views

  5. My middle name is Rose to…

    I’m Olivia you are such a great sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. YOU are so good at gymnastic!!!!!

  8. My name is Haley and I am doing a biography about you. I am in 3rd grade living in Southern California. I have always wanted to do gymnastics and my dad told me about you. I have been reading about you and like your story. I did not watch the Olympics, but I have watched videos of you and seen pictures. I have to create a cereal box with you on it and a biography on the back. I also have to dress up like you and do a report. I look forward to my project.

  9. You are truly hot skater

  10. Hey, McKayla. I really think you are good at gymnastics.
    I like gymnastics myself. I idolize you and want to be
    just like you.

  11. Hi McKayla. I’m a fan of yours from MN. I really think you’re skills are amazing. I especially like you’re vault
    skills. I really want to be exactly like you. My dream is to go to the Olympics one day. You just are so amazing.

  12. Hey McKayla,

    I’m an artist and recently have been doing projects for various models and athletes using graphic design techniques. I’m a fan of your Instagram and would love to do a project for you. Be happy to send some samples to show you what is possible and give you an idea of what a finished product looks like. I also always do the first project entirely free! I think a dispersion effect of you vaulting would be cool.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    – Zac

    Renaizance Man Designs
    IG: @renaizanceman

  13. It would mean the whole world if you gave me your autograph for my birthday!

  14. Hi mckayla. My name is Mitch I’m 19 I goto Loyola Marymount. I am a normal kid I promise haha but I have had a crush on you for over 2 years. My girlfriend and I just broke up so I figured this was the time to ask. Instagram me @mitchkelln

  15. hey mckayla I am 12 years old and going level 9. I would really like it if you gave me some tips to make my gymnastics better. I am your #1 fan and you are my idol. I would really appreciate it if you gave me your number through e-mail :) I love you so much mckayla and you have perfect lines (I am also following you on instagram)

    Sammie DeRosa

  16. Hey McKayla

    My Name’s Jesse and Im currently an engineering student at Boston University! First off, even though I’m a bit delayed, that you were a total inspiration to me when you competed in the olympics. I’ve been doing recreational gymnastics for about 13 years now, and Im even hoping to get into stuntwork for films! Anyways, reason i’m writing this, other than showing off to impress you ;) , is because I have a kid who adores you who would love an autographed picture! A gift like this could surely make almost anybodys life!

    Thanks a lot!!!

  17. Hey McKayla,
    I’m one of your biggest fans, i am not a really good gymnast but i just do it because i love it. I just want to tell you good luck with your training. I was so upset that i did not see you when you were in the Netherlands :(. I hope you make the olympic team in 2016, but no matter what i will always be your fan even when you decide to quit because i love you as an actress to! I just wanted to tell you that i love you and i am a big fan i hope i can meet you sometime. Kisses Megan from the Netherlands!

  18. I’m writing some stories about projects I’m currently working on. They’re in the earliest stages. But if you’re interested here are a few catchphrases and terms of bombardment I’ve planned out;

    For crush sakes! For crying outloud! Holy shmoly! Say what? I’m sorry (what)? goldurnit darn(it)

    I hope you’re proud of me for all the good I’m doing for America.

  19. Omg Mckayla you are my fav gymnast of all time! I have thousands of pics of you in my room Thats how much I love ya! I hope you keep going in gymnastics cause I wanna see you in Rio! You inspire me everyday and when I have rough times in gymnastics I think of you! You are the one that has kept me in gymnastics! Keep shining!

  20. Hi
    The family & I are big fans of McKayla and were wondering if there is a “snail mail” address to send something to McKayla or to get something autographed? Thanks!

  21. Mckayla im your biggest fan ily

  22. I am a kid from a small town that is in LOVE with gymnastics anh thinks your and Gabby Douglas skil is spectaculer. I wont to be like you and Gabby.I love you.

  23. McKayla,

    I don’t even know where to start. I am a huge fan, and have a huuuuge crush on you. Ever since the London Olympics, you have been the most beautiful athlete I swear I’ve ever seen. You’re such an amazing gymnast, such a gorgeous lady, and just so incredibly cute. I’m not a weirdo stalker, just a huge fan all the way across the country. I live in New Jersey and I’m off to Penn State in the fall. I am too an athlete, a future PSU lacrosse defender, tall, blue eyed, brunette, just not as nearly as perfect as you. I would love to meet you someday for a dream date, but just a Skype or video call would mean the world. You’re so amazingly talented and so beautiful I swear your an angel that’s disguised as a gymnast. You’re so hoooooooooootttttt.

    PS: I’m a tall, dark and handsome a full blooded Irishman.

  24. Dear McKayla,
    My friend and I are in English class right now in the computer lab. We were thinking of the most beautiful girls in the world, and your name came up first. I love you and I think we are meant to be together. Hit me up with that follow

    With love,
    Alec VV, @Alec_VV

  25. Hi McKayla! I am definitely one of your biggest fans! I’m 12 years old and I am a gymnast at Capital Gymnastics in Burke, VA. I’m currently a L4, and my coach says if I do well at states this weekend, especially on vault, I could get 1st… in America! So I’m really excited!!! Also, I met you on the Tour of Champions in DC and you are really nice! I think you are amazing and talented. My only problem is that last year I was a L5, but they switched up the levels and everyone on my team moved up but me… I’m still really sad and my new teammates are from ages 6-10. I feel really old and like I don’t belong. Most of my old teammates are going to be in optionals next year and I’m going to have to wait. You are awesome and I love you!!! Please e-mail me back!!!

  26. Hey McKayla!

    I am a huge fan of yours from upstate NY. I was wondering if you aren’t doing anything on June 13th, I invite you to attend my high school prom with me. I know that you are home schooled and probably live a very different life from the average American high schooler, so attending prom with me would give you the opportunity to be like a regular teen, even for a day. We’ll have so much fun. Please consider. (I’m also very good looking).

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