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Fan Mail

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  1. Hey mckayla maroney I am like your second biggest fan so yeah love ya.


    Jason Cano

  2. Hi Mckayla. I’ve been having a hard time in gymnastics lately. I’m a level 7 and there is a girl at my gym that always beats me. I try as much as I possibly can. There must’ve been a lot of people that felt like they could never beat you on vault. Even though you got the silver, you are by far still the best vaulter in the world. Do you think I can make it to the Olympics someday. Also, can we exchange phone numbers? You are my favorite US gymnast and we have the same personality. If we can’t, I completely understand. I mean, you’re a celebrity!

  3. Hey what up it kyle Jeffrey do u have Skype I’m a big team canada

  4. Hey McKayla!

    Well, I’m not gonna lie, I have a major crush on you. Yes it’s true. Ever since I saw you compete at the Olympics, I’ve been like, “Wow, McKayla Maroney. You are gorgeous.” I mean come on, you’re beautiful, talented, extremely well spoken. What’s not to like?! And now that that’s out there, I’m gonna go ahead and say that if on the off chance I meet you one day, I will most likely be asking you out on a date, probably for brunch at an awesome cafe because cafes are awesome. And assuming you say yes and don’t like cafes, well then the choice is yours.

    So hey email me back and I would probably do a backflip, fall (because I can’t do a backflip), collect myself, try again, fall again, call a friend who can do a backflip, ask him to do it, watch him do it, then respond to you.

    Thanks for reading this,

    PS I promise I’m not some weird creepy guy. I’m just a humble 19 year old college freshmen who happens to have a major crush on a gymnast. WRITE ME BACK DOE :P

  5. Dear McKayla,
    Hi, my name is Kyle. I saw you compete during the London Olympics on tv. I really think you did amazing.
    You’re very pretty and very talented. Good luck in future events. i really would like to have your autograph. Do you think you could send me one?
    Your fan/friend,
    Kyle Hutchinson

  6. Hi Mckayla!
    I Know that this is a long shot, but here it goes. You are such an inspiration to me!!! Even though I’ve only been in gymnastics for about a year i was wondering if you could give me some tips on back hip circles and kips. I haven’t been in gymnastics for very long but i fell in love with the sport. I fell in love with You! Just watching you on each event makes me want to be a better gymnast! i hope to go to the 2024 or even the 2020 olympics(which probably isnt gonna happen but…) I want to go to a college and have a scholarship for gymnastics. i want to be better and better each day until I’m as amazing as you are. Even when you retire you will still be my role model. they can take the gymnast out of gymnastics but they cant take the gymnastics out of the gymnast.I Love You Mac!!!!!!
    ~Love One Of Your Biggest Fans:MIa

  7. Hi Mckayla

    I was so impressed with your off-flight landing during your vault. I spent a few months sculpting it — see your photo and my sculpture. I believe I captured your amazing grace. Please let me know if you want to see more views of the sculpture.

    Your vault:
    My sculpture:!Gymnast-Post-Flight/zoom/coxt/image9fx


  8. McKayla,

    Is there an address we can write you for an autograph request? My daughter loves you and would love an autogaph. Unfortunately, our location in the middle of nowhere Louisiana leaves unable to ever make an appearance.


  9. Hi McKayla; So wonderful to see your vault in London for a 16.233. It could have been a 16.5 or a 20.0 or a 32.0. Every now and then a move comes along and on that night, you had it all. Just great. Happy for you and your accomplishments in gymnastics. Keep up the good work–the best is yet to come. Steve

  10. Hi McKayla; wonderful vaulting. Happy for you and your superb gymnastic performances. You’re a Phenom–enjoy the moment–just great! Steve

  11. HI McKayla, do you have an address where your fans can request your autograph?

  12. Hi McKayla: Your vaults are unbelievable. Happy for you and your performance as an athlete and at the Olympics. Just wonderful. [Phenom]^3 comes to mind. Keep up the good work! :) Steve

  13. Hi McKayla; your vaults are great. Love watching them and reliving the moment. Happy for you and your great performance in gymnastics. [Phenom]^3! :)

    Steve Jarvis

  14. Hi McKayla; your vault was unbelievable. Love watching it and reliving the moment. Very happy for you and your performance! Phenom! :)

    Steve Jarvis

  15. hi mckayla i am having trouble with my round off handspring tuck do you have any advice 4 me? by the way i am one of your biggest fans u r very good at vault! please reply!

  16. Hey i was just wondering how can we get an autograph picture from you if we cant go to one of your signings

  17. Hi! This is my 4th comment! You are awesome PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. McKayla, I look up to you so so much. You are an amazing athlete and you are absolutely gorgeous. I can only one day hope to be as good of an athlete as you. It would mean the world to hear back from you. Follow your dreams. Much Love. Xx. Summer

  19. McKayla, you are my level8 gymnast’s favorite athlete. She suffered a serious concussion a month ago. Unfortunately, her concussion is very slow in healing, unlike the one you had. She is out of the gym and missing her season, which is really hard for her. If you could send her good wishes, it would really raise her spirits.


    Isabel’s mom

  20. Hi McKayla, I have a few questions for you:

    1. Who is your pick to win the American Cup?
    2. What songs do you like listening to when you are warming up?
    3. What TV shows or movies are you looking to appear in?

    I wish you the best of luck in and out of gymnastics,
    and I look forward to seeing you in Rio in 2016.


  21. Hey Mackayla, I was just thinking we should go on a date sometime, not gonna lie I know my way around a kitchen, it may impress you! Anyways let me know!

  22. Hey mckayla I am a huge fan I just want to say happy birthday hope u in joyed it.

    I was hoping we could talk some time on fb or twitter?

    This is my face book name. Sami Gtr Madi

    Have a good bd

  23. I’m doing a project on you for school. You are simply amazing! :)

  24. you rock

  25. Hi McKayla! This is my second time writing I hope you got my fitst one! You inspire me so much just like Gabby Douglas does! I loved watching you in London! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLESE RESPOND PLESE!!! Thank you for letting me wast your time on this I know you are SUPER busy!!!!

  26. Hi Mckala, First I want to tell you that you are AMAZING :) Also I know that you will make it to1016 Rio Olympics! I can not wait to watch you again! You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. McKayla,
    My daughter is a first season level 8 gymnast who suffered a concussion over 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately hers isn’t healing nearly as quickly as yours did and she is indefinitely out of the gym and missing her season. She feels lost without her sport. A message from her favorite Olympian would cheer her up. Thanks. Isabel’s mom

  28. i looove you!

  29. I loooooooove your enthusiam and the way you believe in yourself!Never give up you’re the best in what you do!

  30. Mckayla!
    Hi I’m a huuuuge fan! I’m an excel gymnast and I’m in high school. I’m hosting a show in San Jose to help raise money for underprivileged schools and I was wondering if there was any possible way for you to make a guest appearance?! I know it is a lot to ask, but it would bring in so many people and really help my cause. Thank you so much! Dates for the show are completely flexible right now (:
    p.s. I met you at Olympic Trials in San Jose but you probably don’t remember. you’re such an inspiration, you and kyla are my heroes, keep shining!

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